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Why do you need at least 2 weeks' notice to make a cake?  Can I get a custom order for (*insert date 3 days from now*)?

One of the things that makes Jessica's Kitchen the best is that I bake FRESH TO ORDER and I do not have extra cakes sitting in the freezer - you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind product!  Therefore, the earlier I receive your inquiry, the more likely it is that I can fit your order into the calendar.  In most cases, two weeks is the MINIMUM amount of time it takes to design an order, shop for ingredients and supplies, special order some pieces, and THEN actually do the baking and cake decorating in the days leading up. 

During some seasons, I am booked months in advance, so DO NOT WAIT! I would love to help everyone, but my baking magic only extends so far.

How long will my cake/cupcakes/other treats last before they go stale?

Everything made in the Kitchen is designed to be consumed within 24 hours, but the following gives an estimate based on personal experience, testing, and customer reviews.  What YOU do with your cake, cupcakes, etc will GREATLY affect the quality of the product - so store properly and don't "save it for a rainy day!" 

Cake - 3 to 5 days, depending on whether it is cut or uncut, wrapped, and properly refrigerated.  For best results, keep refrigerated and do not slice until serving time.  Some flavors last much longer than others (ex: chocolate, carrot, and pumpkin cakes will stay fresh for far longer than plain vanilla cake.) Some design elements will not last beyond 24 hours.  Freezing slices (individually wrapped and placed in airtight containers) is recommended for any leftover cake, consumed within 90 days.  

Cupcakes - on the counter, approximately 2 days.  In the refrigerator, 3 to 5 days.  May also be frozen in airtight containers.  Some flavors last for longer than others.

Cookies - 48 to 72 hours on the counter; transfer to an airtight container for best results.  Some varieties freeze better than others - ask Jessica for more details.

Brownies - 48 to 72 hours on the counter; transfer to an airtight container for best results.  Brownies freeze VERY well when individually wrapped!

Rice Krispy Treats - 48 hours on the counter; transfer to an airtight container for best results.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE.

S'mores Bars - 72 hours on the counter; transfer to an airtight container for best results.  Refrigeration and freezing NOT recommended.

Muffins & Scones - 48 to 72 hours on the counter; transfer to an airtight container for best results.  Some flavors freeze better than others, ask Jessica for advice.

Pie - 48 to 72 hours on the counter; cover with plastic wrap or pie dome.  Freezing is not recommended once sliced, but uncut pies may be wrapped in plastic and sealed in an airtight bag to be frozen for up to 3 months.

I heard that all bakeries make their cakes way ahead of time and freeze them, so the cake isn't really fresh!

I can't speak for everyone, but I am OBSESSED with freshness.  (It's the farm girl upbringing!) At Jessica's Kitchen, your cake is baked to order no more than 48 hours prior to delivery (and in the case of cupcakes, I try for no more than 24 hours; cookies and brownies I try to do on the same day.)  I am very proud of the fact that my products go out as close as possible to coming out of the oven, so they stay fresh for as long as possible.  This is also why I require so much notice for orders. 

Can you make this cake I found on Pinterest EXACTLY like the photo?

No - I do not recreate other cake decorators' work.  Feel free to show me what you're going for, but know that the cake I design for you will be unique and CUSTOM made!

No refunds AT ALL?  That's harsh!

Think of it this way: when you place your order, you are telling me that I have money coming my way.  That money is not only going to buy what I need to make your cake, it's also telling me that I can keep the lights on and put gas in my car. Your deposit tells me that you're serious about the order and allows me to purchase ingredients and supplies.  If you cancel, I can't always use the items on which I've already spent money (and often, time shopping, preparing fillings and frostings, and more!)  Additionally, I've likely already turned people away who wanted your spot, and it is VERY hard to fill spots at the last minute.  So as much as I want to help everyone out, I need to be firm on this.  If you cancel, there are no refunds.  If you use a gift certificate, I take the value of the order from the certificate.  Make sure you understand the T&C when you book!  

I just need to ask you a quick question - how come you won't give out your phone number or answer text messages or DMs?

Talking about dessert is one of my all-time favorite things (the others being my husband Greg, the JK mascot Fergus, Disney World, and Latin!)  However, I am a one-woman show, and sometimes my brain gets a teensy bit scattered.  Limiting contact to email is the best way for me to give your questions the attention they deserve.  I do not want to miss you, and often texts and DMs get lost in the shuffle.  Additionally, if you've ever baked ANYTHING, you know that a great deal of what I do is time-sensitive.  I can't stop in the middle of frosting a cake, tempering chocolate, or rolling out a pie crust - not even for a second.

Do you make Gluten/Sugar/Soy/Allergen-Free cakes/cupcakes/etc? 

I do not at this time offer GF cakes or cupcakes, and I cannot accommodate specific dietary restrictions in my cottage kitchen.  I am happy to recommend some excellent, dedicated GF bakers in Connecticut though!

Can I leave my cake in the car while I run errands?  Can I bring it to Boston/NYC/some place hours away from pickup?

For the most part, this is not a good idea, and I generally do not recommend it - here's why: even when it feels pleasant or even VERY cold outside to us, it can still be too warm for cakes to make long trips or wait outside the fridge. That delightful sunbeam that comes through the car window? It's like a heat ray to your cake. This can cause sinking, bulging, and collapsing, at the very least rendering your edible artwork unattractive, or at worst, inedible.  If you MUST travel a long distance, I highly recommend choosing cupcakes or other confections (pies, tray cakes, muffins, etc can all be made celebratory!) which travel MUCH better and can be packed in coolers if necessary.  Ask me for recommendations!

Why don't you do characters (like Marvel, DC, or Disney) or logos and mascots?

Because copyright law is a serious thing, my friends!  Legally I cannot recreate copyrighted designs and accept payment for them.  These logos, mascots, and characters are intellectual property, and their owners spend a lot of time and money making sure their property is protected and used in a way they see fit.  

Additionally, my creative style has come a long way to the point that I really only take on designs that I enjoy doing, and characters are not it for me.  If you are dead-set on a novelty, logo, or character cake, I recommend purchasing a licensed cake topper and adding it to your cake or cupcakes after pickup.  So I am happy to make a mermaid-themed cake, but YOU will have to add Ariel herself to it!

You charge WHAT for a cake?! I can get one at Walmart for $25!  Cake mixes only cost a couple dollars!

I know you can, and if that's what you want to spend on a cake, you definitely should!  (I usually recommend Big Y for a good store-bought cake.)  The thing is, what I offer is not Walmart, Costco, or grocery store-quality.  It's not just a box mix with canned frosting, and it's not made in a factory by machines and frozen for months.  I make incredibly delicious, luxurious, edible artwork with my own two hands and a host of ingredients that I select because they are JUST RIGHT.  My vanilla extract alone is $102/bottle.  I use local products when I can.  Mine is a luxury product, but one that is WELL worth my ingredients, time, and years of practice.  

Can I have your recipe for (insert item here)?

I want to be flattered by this question, I really do.  And I have been offered not-insignificant money for certain recipes (*cough*BROWNIES*cough*).  But please understand: this is my job.  My recipes are my livelihood.  I don't have a "day job" that pays for my ingredients, and I certainly don't have a social media empire that supports me with clicks and likes.  I can point you in the right direction if you're struggling with a particular recipe, but I will not give out mine.  

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