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Pricing Guidelines

A note from Jessica on pricing...


"That's highway robbery!"

"I don't want to spend an arm and a leg!"

"I don't want something that costs a fortune."

*silence - the sound of being ghosted

That last one is my favorite, I think.  Also, I take plenty of forms of payment, but arms, legs, and other body parts are not one of them.  

The prices I quote for my products have taken into account the current cost of my ingredients, supplies, and utilities, but they ALSO include the cost of my time, years of expertise, taxes, and business costs.  What I could charge last year is not the same as what I charge today, and will likely not be the same next year, either.  Yes, it's true that "Walmart and Costco can do it for less," and I make absolutely NO judgements about using commercial bakeries.  I cannot and will not match or beat those prices, but I CAN and WILL give you a vastly superior product.  

To that end, if you request a quote for a cake and it is more than you anticipated or out of your price range, please do me the courtesy of letting me know; don't just ghost me.  If you have a price point in mind and would like to stay within it, tell me up front!  It might not be exactly the same as what you first wanted, but I will tell you what I can do for you, and I promise that I will do everything I can to make something beautiful and delicious for your event.  

Custom Cakes

  • 6" round - $80 & up

  • 8" heart - $80 & up

  • 8" round - $105 & up

  • 10" round - $135 & up

  • 12" round - $180 & up

  • Tiered cakes begin at $210

  • Final price depends on flavors, design, delivery, and other factors, plus CT 6.35% sales tax.​


Shipping is available to the continental US for most cookies, brownies, and bars.  We do not ship cakes or cupcakes.  Certain items will ship better than others, particularly in warm weather months when melting can occur.  We use USPS and UPS for the fastest delivery.  Gift wrapping is available too.  Contact Jessica for more information.


Standard Cupcakes are priced by the dozen per flavor, beginning at $40/dozen.

Mini cupcakes are also available, beginning at $40 with a 36 piece minimum per flavor.

We are unable to split flavors at this time.

Individually Wrapped Gifts & Party Favors

Cupcakes and most confections can be individually wrapped for your event.  Items start at $3.50/ea, plus tax.  

Cookies, Brownies, Bars, & More

Cookies, brownies, and bars begin at $25 per dozen with a one dozen (12 pcs) minimum per item. Jumbo and Mini sizes also available.

Chocolate-dipped Pretzels and Oreos - $2/ea (GF available!) with 12 piece minimum,

Delivery Services

Delivery to the Middletown area is free of charge.  All other deliveries begin at $25 plus a per-mile and per-hour fee.

Given the delicate nature of cakes, during the warm weather months, cake deliveries will only be made within a 20-minute radius of the Kitchen.

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